Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tesla Model S

Here is my WIP car model of the Tesle Model S, a car that will be coming out in 2012. This is the first car I have ever modeled and I have learned lots about modeling mechanically and that I should have better reference. It was difficult because I was working from non-orthographic photos but I have done what I could and will definitely be modeling another car after I have done my demo reel to keep practicing on accuracy and speed.

Just some stuff about the render, this was actually rendered in ZBrush, which I am learning for my character, and just for general purposes later on; more and more companies seem to be using ZBrush. I have actually done the inside of the headlights as well but it was just covered because I didn't make the glass clear. Thanks to Vanier for helping me with the render which I used for Seneca's Yearly Art Book.

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