Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Armored Concepts

Getting back into the swing of things, hooked up the Wacom and started gathering the reference for continuing my projects. Went and found some Roman stuff, but might go through art books and scan more inspiration into a library of reference.

This sketch was just a little bit of what I drew, this was just for fun but may still be used. I posted this because its not really part of my "secret" designs. Once I choose a final look for this character I will post the thumbs and initial sketches, they might help someone else out.

I always found it a waste to see such good thumbs from major companies when they create games or movies that never make it to final. A great example is Gears of War, the first art book had such awesome concepts, although they would've changed the tone of the game, hence why they got scrapped but still inspirational.

I'm still getting accustomed to the tablet again, I honestly have not used it in a while and feel pretty ashamed of that but I have been inspired by new goals and new challenges online. I plan on following the Dominance War coming up, I may not officially join up but will try to keep up depending on my upcoming future schedule.

I will also be posting up life drawings that I have started going to every Thursday, so please look forward to that =)

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