Sunday, May 1, 2011

Having fun again...

So here I am doodling at a Starbucks once again. Recently I've been watching lots of comedians which makes me laugh and feel happy, so I thought how can I do that with Art and I think that drawing to make fun of people makes it really fun. I've also gone back to my stylized Illustrator (wanna-be) in me, its really enjoyable to play with lines in minimalist, meaningful strokes that force me to feel confident or stick to a line. So these days with so much less stress, having fun while drawing is bringing me back. As well as having a new Moleskin mini-sketchbook is making it very portable and convenient.

On a side note, I recently attended the Sherdian Animation Screening 2011 for this years graduating class and I saw some AMAZING films, truly. Some worth mentioning, if they are viewable elsewhere: Trick or Treat, Sonota (sp?), Red Button Day, and (one with a robot cat done in claymation [looked like it was almost impossible that one person could've done it]), there are many more to mention but I forgot the names of the films. If you ever get a chance to watch some of them I highly recommend it. Best of luck to everyone.

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